Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weeks 21-24 {Baby #3}

Almost caught up on belly shots!
I am still feeling good. I hurt my hip after a workout this week that lasted a few days. I am learning to take it easy when doing certain things such as lunges.
We rang in the new year, 2013 - the year baby #3 will arrive!
Baby is more and active. I felt a few nesting instincts kick in and cleaned out closets.
We picked out Chase's gray paint color (I hereby declare it the MOST DIFFICULT color to choose)for his room and will begin working on his "big boy room" transformation soon! We haven't bought/done anything to prepare for the baby at this point because I just can't "go there" yet but doing Chase's room gives me something to focus my nervous energy on.
I had some bad round ligament pain once or twice this month - ouch!
Things are really growing in there! :)
Chase has been so sweet and asking questions more and more. He loves to rub and pat my tummy and talk to the baby in this really funny baby voice.
He melts my heart and I know he will be such an awesome big brother to this baby.


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