Saturday, February 23, 2013

Family Fun {Big Boy Rooms and Baby Dedications!}

February is shaping up to be a busy month around here! 
Mimi was in town to help paint Chase's big boy room, and we also painted the nursery that weekend too.
It felt good to get some things done around here!
 little helper
Chase's room is coming along well and I will try to post more photos of it soon. It was a khaki color before (top left photo) and baby boy's nursery was green. We were also able to get rid of the heaviest leather couch in the world that weekend too. I love craigslist.

We painted both rooms the same shade of gray. Have you ever tried to choose a color gray? Whew, it isn't easy.
 But I'm really happy with the shade we chose.
(It's called knitting needles by Benjamin Moore).
"Dancing" at dinner :)
The next weekend we headed up to Chicago for the night to celebrate our nephew Luke's baby dedication. We had a great visit and Luke is getting so big -- too quickly!
I could just eat him up!

 Chase and Luke get along so well. Luke was going in for a smooch! :)



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