Friday, January 18, 2013

Telling our parents...

So here is how we told our parents...
They all had to look at the photo for a bit since they had already seen our family pictures and how the chalkboard originally said "3" for Chase's age.
A little photoshop work made this a fun announcement!
I was worried about telling Chase at first. We told him a little later...I have felt so guarded and wanted to protect him.
I also feared he would think that all babies/this baby would be going to heaven too.
Just typing that makes my stomach hurt. I had prepared myself for questions, then I sat him down and told him one day that "Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy, and it is going to be a brother or a sister."
His reply?
(and then he jumped off the couch and kept playing with his toys!)
So you could say it wasn't a life altering conversation for him.
He has asked PLENTY of funny and interesting questions since, and is now excited and oh so sweet about the baby.


Tara said...

Congratulations again Erin :) Chase is already an amazing big brother :)

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