Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas with our Families

We traveled to Evansville Christmas Eve. We had a great time visiting with Pop and Grandma, both great Grandmas, Uncle Rob and Aunt Krystle, and Cousin Luke (6 months).
We went to Christmas Eve Mass and had a beautiful snow while we were there!
Chase spiked a 102 degree fever on Christmas Day. He was pitiful. After some tylenol and a good afternoon nap, he was feeling better. Thank goodness!

 Loving on little Luke!
Taking the gift opening very seriously.
Hanging out with Cousin Luke in their matching jammies from Grandma.
 Chase's first haul in his new tractor was a cute one!
Christmas Eve Mass, he was so proud of his (electric) candle during Silent Night.
Boo to fevers on Christmas.
My Mom, brother and his family came to us this year - it was great hosting and having them at our house! Chase had a blast as usual hanging out with his cousins!

 Hanging with Uncle Derek
 cutest little owls ever!
We also got to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday while they were here.
A few months back I asked family and friends to contribute a memory they had with Mom as a surprise. I was so amazed at how many people responded with memories of her. They mailed them to me, emailed me, FaceBook messaged me, and even sent cards of their own! I put each one in a sepearate envelope for her to took a while to read them all!
It was so fun to listen to her read them. They ranged from bittersweet to laughing until we cried. It was a perfect way to end our weekend together.
Happy Birthday again Mom - you are so loved!


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