Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What We've Been Up To {in iPhone photos}

Halloween party at school

Wes visited nephew Luke while in Chicago for work

We make a weekly trail mix. He said "I sure like to be in charge!"
I've been working my way through The Pioneer Woman's cookbook.
It ain't part of the diet, but it sure is fun. 
(Ree says you should make them to give out to friends and family.
Is it bad that I feel like hoarding mine?)

We went on a date.
He held open doors.
And paid (ok so I gave him money).
We talked about manners at length.
When I buckled him in to head home, I leaned in to give him a kiss, and he burped in my face.
I told him he might not want to do that on a real date one day.

All. by. himself.

a RARE nap. We are still night-waking and non-napping.
Two months strong.
My mantra: This too shall pass.

Joe Dirt.
He makes a cute redneck.

Just being silly together.

He slept all night.
We rewarded with fro yo!

His first homework assignment.

A new favorite hobby: cutting paper aka document shredding.
This confetti-making fool can do this forever!


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