Saturday, November 3, 2012

Up Up and Away

A few weeks back, I saw a sign for "balloon day" down the street.
It started at 8:00 in the morning and I thought it might be something fun for us to do. Mom and Greg were in and we had the morning to hang out before the cousins were to arrive.
 I *thought* Chase would enjoy going and *looking* at the hot air balloons and walking around the farmer's market.
Well, the next thing I know, I've agreed to get in and go UP.
In this.
I'm not a "fan" of heights.
But when you see a little boy excited as he stands in line with his ticket, you go for it.
I was so proud of him in that moment.
No fear.
All trusting.
Willing to try something new.
And I thought...why not me?
Why can't I just blow caution to the wind and try something I might not have tried had I had time to really think about it! It was tethered, and perhaps that helped make it seem more safe?!
So up we went!
 Not gonna lie, my knees were weak the entire time, and taking photos was a challenge because there wasn't much to keep me still. But the views were worth it, as was the look on Chase's face.


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