Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Great First Day {Preschool}

My guy did great.
He woke up excited, and we had some yummy pancakes together.
He was a bit timid when he walked into his classroom, but he put his backpack in his cubby like a pro, and gave me a big hug and kiss goodbye.
And that was that.
I'm not going to lie.
I fought tears all morning at drop-off, even when I was talking to his teacher.
I looked around, thinking, I can't be the only one...(I was happy to talk to several Moms later who had a similar experience that day!)
And when I called Wes afterwards to tell him how it went, the conversation started with "He's just so big..." and the tears came.
I'm SO proud of him. He had a great day and is excited to go back.
What a blessing his school and teachers are.
We are so thankful for a good first day.


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