Saturday, June 16, 2012

Soccer Take 2 {and 3 and 4}

We had our last soccer clinic this week. Things have been going smoothly compared to our first don't run into any samarai sword-fighting men when you park around back! The second week, Chase didn't want to go and cried the whole way there, but was fine once he got to the field, and it's been uphill from there!
 Chase's favorite part was when he got to "hustle" down to the fence and back. All smiles!
 And then he got to watch his Daddy do it!

 During his last lesson, Chase got to practice being a goalie, he did great!
At the end of the clinic, he was given a soccer medal.
This has been a very big deal in our house this week!

He was so proud, and couldn't stop looking down at it all night.
He even wore it the next day to Touch a Truck.
Way to work hard Chase!
You are our soccer star! :)


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