Monday, May 28, 2012

Miss Judi

I am not good at goodbyes. I get attached to people in my own life, and I'm learning that as Chase develops relationships with teachers and friends, it's hard when schedules change or people move away.

Miss Judi, Chase's wonderful library teacher, is retiring and moving closer to her daughter. This week was her last story time. We started going to her in September of last year, so not even a year. Still, she was like no other. Her story time was small, with 10 kids at most and most weeks there were less than that. She really put her heart into what she did and LOVED these kiddos.  She had a real heart for it and really got to know Chase, and she was more than thoughtful when I shared Christian with her. She would always hang out with you afterwards to talk and was one of those people that when she talked to you felt like she was really listening and caring about what you said. There was also something about her that reminded me of my Grandma Engleman.
Chase giving Miss Judi a rose on her last day.
We will miss you Miss Judi!


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