Monday, January 30, 2012

My Cooking Buddy

A recent conversation at our house while Chase was watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates:

Me: "Chase, would you like to watch your show or help me cook dinner?"
Chase: "Help you! And...can you turn that off?" (his show)

I nearly dropped the dish I was holding.
Oddly enough, this was not a one time thing, and I am SO happy that he likes to help out in the kitchen. In the past week alone he has helped me make cookies for book club, a veggie calzone, brownies, homemade pizza and pancakes (served separately!), and a Chinese Chicken salad. I must say, the boy can cook! He pulls his little chair over and we talk and learn about counting, measuring and how all most of the things we made were healthy. It cracks me up to hear him say things like ginger and cilantro!

I'm linking to the recipes on some of these things. I am LOVING Pinterest for my weekly menu planning!
He loved unwrapping the little Hershey hugs for these cookies for book club. Fine motor skills at their finest!
Helping with the Calzone. He likes cheese, can you tell?

Pounding out the pizza dough. Homemade from the Pioneer Woman, of course. And so easy. We made one batch and used 1/2 for the pizza and the other 1/2 for the calzone. It freezes well too!

Whisking the dressing for our Chinese Chicken Salad.

Have you pinned any good recipes lately?


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SO many! This week we made

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