Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christian's Name Gallery {River Rocks in PA}

I'm just now getting around to posting these beautiful photos my friend Kara took in honor of Christian. I met Kara through my online support group and she was so kind to do this for me and some fellow families who have also lost children. Kara, it means the world. Thanks so much for thinking of our sweet boy!
River Rocks in Jim Thorpe, PA


Tara said...

Oh I LOVE it, Erin!

Kara Masi said...

Can you believe that the stones are STILL there? I was so happy to learn that since October 16th, the names of our babies have not been touched, moved or washed down stream. I know somebody who lives in the area (as I'm 2+hrs away!) and she confirmed that they are still there. I'm hoping to make a trip at the start of Spring to do more and to see the ones that are there. Praying that they make it for another month or 2!

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