Tuesday, November 22, 2011

33 months

Little Mister is 33 months old. We are just 3 short months away from turning 3! This makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad that my little boy is almost too big for my lap (although he still climbs into it each night before bed, when he needs a hug, to watch shows and when we are reading, thank goodness!) and happy that he is becoming such a sweet, caring and thoughtful little person. I miss every stage when it has passed, but often find myself thinking "this is the best age..." The truth is, it keeps getting better.

Things are getting crazy in the brown chair these days!

 silly boy


Chase has been really into independent play lately and will sit with a toy or books for longer and longer periods of time. We brought his sand/water table inside and it is now a "bean" table. He is enjoying putting his cars and tractors in and making "soup." Stuffed animals are always a favorite and he loves to bring them all out into the living room for pretend play with them. Sometimes I will catch him talking to them and "parenting" them, saying things like "Awww, blue bear, there you go! I got you.... I got you blue bear!!!" It is so sweet and makes me laugh so hard. He's so good with saying thank you and you're welcome and please has come a long way as well!

Favorite Sayings
"Does that sound like a plan?" (I must say this one a lot!)
"Just FIVE more MINUTES!" (Again, where is he getting this stuff?!)

We have entered the "kids will say anything" stage. The other day at a store while the cashier rang us up Chase yelled "Hey, what's on his CHIN?!?!" I turned to see the man had a very long goatee. I don't know if it's talk of Santa coming to town or what but facial hair has become very interesting to him lately.

We had a successful "pee in the potty" about a week ago. He has been staying dry for longer periods of time and he was interested in sitting for me. We celebrated with a Mater toy we've had tucked away for this very occasion and he was pretty proud of himself. YAY! I must say we haven't had much success in that department since. Most of the time when I ask him if he has to potty, wants to sit on the big boy potty, or wants to wear his big boy underpants I am given a stern no. I don't want to push it, so we will try again in a few weeks!
my sous chef  "helping"

fun at the bean table

hard at work with Play-doh
Giving Daddy a back rub

Trains and cars!


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