Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gulf Shores {The Zoo and Crabbing}

We visited the "little zoo that could" on vacation. It was a precious little zoo with lots of animals to feed, which Chase LOVED. Hearing him giggle and laugh until he got the hiccups was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I love that he loves animals and wants to be around them.

Chase absolutely loved Mr. Goat. He wanted to feed Mr. Goat all of his food. The animals were all really gentle and Mr. Goat loved Chase and of course the  little puffs in his cup!

We had some nice quality time with Mimi and Greg during our vacation. One morning they took us crabbing!

We even hunted for the crabs at night! Check out this pretty blue one we spotted in the water!
Snap! Snap!

Hunting and talking about crabs led to LOTS of.....
Crab crawling... 
and crawling. and crawling.


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