Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Visit To See Pop's Tractors {Part 1}

When I was pregnant with Chase and we found out "it" was a little boy one of the things Wes and I were looking forward to doing was taking him to Pop and Grandma Buente's to get an up close view of Pop's tractors. Last weekend, our little farmer got to check them out!

Checking out the combine with Grandma
 So excited to see Pop driving it.

 Whee! I'm driving it!

Running to the tractor to get a closer look

A little butterfly stopped by to join in the fun {center of screen}.

Here's a quick video and Chase and Pop in action:

Thanks Pop and Grandma for a wonderful trip to the barn, Chase is still talking about it!


Rachael said...

Great pictures!!! i love the one of chase's back and him looking at the tractor and the one of you two in the corn field!! Precious!

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