Friday, August 12, 2011

Operation Get Back in Shape!

Operation Get Back in Shape began July 1st. Why am I telling you this? Because I plan on updating you on this and I need it out there for accountability reasons!
I gained some lbs during my pregnancy with Christian and I was really "eating my feelings" after his diagnosis. We also had so many good meals brought to us for nearly 3 months (amazing!) that I was overdoing it and not watching the things I was putting into my body, mostly sweets. I set a personal goal to work out half the month. This didn't necessarily mean every other day, but that's kind of how it worked out best. I learned several new things this month:

--cute new gym shoes are a great motivator
--spinning class is awesome and a great calorie burner
--getting up at 5:30 AM and heading to BodyPump is a good way to start your day! (it also helps when you are half asleep during the class!)
--having a friend go with you to the gym is such a great motivator (thanks Liz!)
(It's also a good idea to take said friend with you on your first time back to Zumba in nearly a year to make sure you don't black out!)
--and the most eye-opening: I really don't NEED something sweet and sugary every day!

I am feeling better physically. Stronger. It has also helped me in my grieving process and really helps clears my head. It's August now and I'm on track so far with working out half of this month as well!


Tara said...

I definitely will join up with you on this. I needed to get into shape even before I got pregnant again, but now it's a have to do. I am proud of you!

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