Thursday, June 30, 2011

28 months!

I am a bit behind in getting our 28 month update posted. Hmm, what's new with Chase?


He is currently getting his two year molars on the bottom, they officially popped through on each side. He is doing well and learning new things each day. He is talking in official "sentences" now and it's amazing to communicate with him. He is a funny little boy who loves to play in my kitchen utensil drawer, "help" with the laundry, snuggle up and watch a few minutes of Dora, Diego or Cars (his new favorite), dance to music (his latest fave is BEP's Boom Boom Pow!), and telling us he needs Chapstick "need sum chap-tick" (it's borderline obsessive, a trait I am sure he got from both Wes and myself!) He has been better during time outs as well. In the past he would get up but now he has learned he has to sit. I set a 2-minute timer and I think that has helped. Thankfully time-outs are few and far between but they happen! Most often for hitting Mommy out of frustration or being too rough on poor Lilly. :)

Chase keeps us busy and we are thankful for him every day. One of my favorite times of day is peeking in on him after he is asleep at night. I could watch him sleep for hours. I wish I could freeze time some days and he could stay 2 forever. It's such a fun age where everything is new. I know each new week, month and year will bring us new smiles, and I really look forward to those!

At an overlook at Cool Creek Park with Daddy

Crazy face!

Swing batter batter!

A rarity: Chase in a ball cap! (He's in the process of taking it off in this pitcure!)

This is what you get when you say "Show me your funny face!"

Love this smile!


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