Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This post is a shout out to our great friend Elmo. Growing up, Sesame Street was one of my favorite shows. I LOVED it! Chase doesn't watch a ton of tv, but we definitely let him watch some things and Sesame Street - Elmo in particular - is a FAVORITE. There's a little 10 minute Elmo show in the middle of Sesame Street, and Chase knows when it's coming. He gets a big grin and when he hears the theme song "La, La, La, La! La, La, La, La! Elmo's Woooorld!" he looks back at you to make sure you are watching. He's even saying "La La". He'll grab the tv remote, point it to the tv and THEN say it. We've created a monster. An Elmo loving monster that is...


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