Wednesday, April 21, 2010

14 Months!

Chase is now 14 months old! I realized the other day that I never took a 13 month picture in his chair, oops! I guess we had a lot going on! :) Here is the 14 month shot!
We need props now in order to take these shots...
And a few outtakes...

Having my afternoon moo juice!
Chase is getting so great at walking! In fact, it's all he wants to do. When you place him on the floor, he locks his legs and doesn't want to sit on his bottom, he wants to stand and walk! He is now taking 10-15 steps and can go across the room! He gets SO excited, it is by far the most fun thing we have watched him learn how to do. Some other things he is doing these days is saying "Hi!" - all the time. It's his favorite word. He will catch your eye from across the room and tell you hi. So sweet! He likes to look at the baby on his yogurt and point and say "baby". He likes to imitate us when we say "Ewww!" (As in, don't touch that, it's yucky Ewww!) Pretty funny stuff. He also clasps his hands when it's time to pray. He still thinks it's hilarious when I sweep the floor and he has become a great dancer! :)

  He has such a great personality and is such a happy little dude. He's going to bed a bit later these days, especially if he takes an afternoon nap - usually around 6:30 or 7:00. Still waking up around 6:30. (I've become quite the morning person. ha ha) Napping great in the morning but sometimes has trouble falling asleep and he plays and plays and plays instead! Afternoon naps are hit or miss depending on the time/length of his morning nap. We put the rainforest sound/movement toy on the side of his crib again and found it to be too distracting for him! Chase loves his new playroom in the basement and could spend all day in it. He has adjusted well, we are so glad!

Here are some recent pictures...
At his friend Adeline's 1st birthday party!
At the park with buddy Henry.
Loving the grass, he thinks it's funny...
Praying before his dinner
Very serious about it! :)
Hanging out with Lilly


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