Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chase is EIGHT!

 Oh sweet Chase,
I don't know how it's possible - but you are 8 years old!

You are as sweet as pie, and your heart is so big! You really have a gift for knowing how others feel and are so thoughtful and caring. You are the best big brother and really do love Will so much. You help serve in the 2 year old room with me at church and have such a gift with those kiddos. I love to watch you with them.
It has been so awesome getting to watch you grow this past year. You love school and have made some really special friendships. You are respectful and honest, bright and love to read. You are reading at a 5th grade level which is blowing me away! Some of your favorite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants, and Dog Man. You and I have enjoyed reading Little House in the Big Woods together, too.
You love to play on your iPad on the weekends and love Minecraft, Night Zookeeper, Crossy Road, Lego Star Wars and reading books on Epic. You like basketball, golf and baseball. Legos are still a favorite too!
We love you and are SO proud of you. Can't wait to see what God does in your life this year.
We hope you can always feel how much we love you.
Mom and Dad

 The night before you turned 8!

 Chase loved doing a scavenger hunt to find his birthday present - a new bike!
Mimi sent an edible arrangement that day (and visited the week after!)

Grandma and Pop visited to celebrate!

 Instead of a party, Chase wanted to go see the new Lego Batman movie with friends: Ashton, Will and Easton!

After the movie they played basketball and ate pizza and cupcakes! It was unseasonably warm that day for February - you guys are in shorts!

This kid loves books!


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