Tuesday, February 14, 2017

January Fun

 Chase has the reading BUG! His nose is in a book 24/7 and I love it so much. He has been reading a lot of my books from my old 4th grade classroom. We are very proud and hope it continues!
 Watching a big hawk! If you look closely at the big tree on the left, he's on the far right branch!
 Reading to brother after I had to stop myself while reading "I Love you Forever" because I tear up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
 playdate with Maddy
 Hanging with the Linns!

 Love these kiddos!

 snuggles by the fire!
 Our bible study hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend Sarah!
 Will wears this ALL. THE. TIME. so I had to document!
 Will drew our family, complete with Lilly on the far let and Christian up in heaven.
 movie night! Watching Dumbo!
 Our MOPS group had a fun ice skating playdate and the whole family got to go!

 Meeting sweet little Emerson Rose was a January highlight!!
 a fraction snowman and a beautiful Tree of Life!

 Pajama day at school for Will! He was sooooo excited!
Will had another ear infection and was on 2 rounds of antibiotics.
We were happy the 2nd round worked!

 Channeling Bruno Mars
 Will loves Emerson Rose so much, warms my heart!
 Watching the new President on Inauguration Day!
 A warmer than normal day meant a trip to the park!

my Gym fun!


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