Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's Fall Y'all!

We've been busy around here and I've been a major blogger slacker!

Here are some photo highlights from our fall so far!

Chase started 2nd grade!

 Concert in the park with friends!
 Pets movie!

 Another tooth gone!
 Soccer was a great but RAINY season! Lots and lots of rain for both boys. Will started out his season with lots of tears but it ended in smiles! Chase played for HSE Sports on Washington and Will played for Team Lightning in the Grace and Cleats league.

 Hanging with the Linns!
 Exploring Flat Fork Creek Park, one of our very favorite spots!

 Liz and I attended the Dixie Chicks concert, so much fun!

 Michael Jackson Tribute with friends at Symphony on the Prairie!

 One more tooth gone!
 We love Mr. Kendall at My Gym
 Will's first swim lesson where mommy doesn't join in. He moved up a level in just 5 short weeks and is doing great!

 Breakfast Club at Krystle and Rob's house. We were google maps of EKU and Purdue campuses - they were playing that day!

 End of summer fireworks at Saxony!
Our new church building will be ready in December and we are so excited! We got to go in and do a prayer walk one evening. The boys wrote their names and prayers on the ground underneath where the carpet will be placed. Love these memories!

 apple picking at Tuttle's Orchard
 Will and Hudson at bible study
A fun visit from Greg and Matt before he left for his new job in NYC!

The Children's Museum
 Will's first day of preschool. He has Ms. Amanda and Ms. Carol this year and has loved it so much!

 Chase and Wes attended the BMW Championship in Carmel together!
 Our church held their 25th anniversary celebration at Banker's Life Fieldhouse downtown!
 Mom came in for a few days to help paint Wes's office and we had lots of quality time together!
 While she was here I picked up my Kroger clicklist groceries and was awarded a brownie and a $5 gift card for being the 10,000th customer at that location. We got a good laugh out of that!
 My little energetic elephant!
 The zoo with Hudson!
 My cousin Kasey got married in Louisville and it was gorgeous!

 Church family picnic at Holland Park!
 flu shot is done!
 Kona Ice party at school for all of 2nd grade!
 Conner Prairie with the cousins
 Movie night at school
 neighborhood hog roast
 showing off his ribbon at swim lessons

 coffee date with Sara and Raechel
 Bella Vita dinner with some girls from my MOPS table. I am really enjoying being a table leader this year!
 donut date with Maddy!

 I had a nail appointment and he didn't want to stay home and nap so he went with me! :)
 Date night to Bonefish Grill and District Tap
 Movie Night!

MOPS playdate to Stoney Creek Farms

 Will getting his first trophy!

 Russell Farms pumpkin patch trip

Will LOVES riding his tractor since he learned to steer!

 soccer photos
 field trip to Smith Family Farms
 spooky breakfast!
 S'mores night!
 game night with my boy!
Octoboo at the Library


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