Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Orange Beach 2017

We took our annual end-of-summer trip to Orange Beach at the end of July. The Edwards Family, our good friends, joined us with their two little boys! Rich and Wes were roommates at Lambda Chi at Purdue - we have known them a very long time. It was so fun watching the boys play together this week. We made lots of fun memories!

movie night

 friends for almost 20 years!

 Dolphin Cruise

 A night at the Wharf and Ferris Wheel Ride

 Chase lost his third tooth on our trip, his first top tooth! He was brushing his teeth and each time he spit it would move a lot. I went to take a photo of him and out it came! So fun to have the tooth fairy visit the beach!

Henry and John, friends they met 2 years ago from Little Rock!


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