Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Orange Beach {Spring Break 2016}

The four of us traveled to Orange Beach for spring break. We were pleasantly surprised that it was warm enough to play on the beach and dip our toes in the ocean and boogie board! We did some swimming in the indoor (heated!) pool but the outdoor pool will have to wait until summer because it was COLD! It was sweatshirt weather at night and really nice!

The drive down, as usual - is LONG. But the boys did great. Minus Will crying 3 minutes into the trip at the gas station. I packed tons of things to keep them occupied and they also watched movies and played on their Fires. Will even napped on the way down for about an hour and a half!

 No trip is complete without a stop at the ol' Cracker Barrel :)
 Happy smiles arriving at the Condo!
 1st stop: The Shrimp Basket after unpacking!

 Happy boys on the beach!

 Naptime meant lots of reading for me!

 Adventure Island for putt-putt, arcades and go carts! Will was so brave!
 We visited the Naval Museum in Pensacola (about 20 minutes from us!) and it happened to be one of the days the Blue Angels were practicing -- we were so excited!

Goose and Maverick :)

 quiet time = Legos
Dinner at The Wharf. The boys had (caffeine free) root beer for the first time and were so excited!
 Dinner at Cobalt

 The boys loved digging with shovels, scooping with the net, and chasing birds. Will loved gathering shells and throwing them back into the ocean. Chase loved playing catch with the ball.

 Chase met a sweet little girl named Peyton and they played all morning. She had a few older brothers and they all played a game of soccer on the beach. Will was in heaven and thought he was big stuff!

Some fun photos on our last night

It was a great trip, but we are excited to be home and back to normal routines! LOL
The boys woke up early the day we planned to leave so we took off around 7:30/8 and decided to drive all the way home without stopping (a first for us!) The boys did great for the most part and we were happy to be home, until it snowed that night. Oh, Indiana! You are crazy.


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