Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Will {2 1/2}

Our little dude is 2 1/2.

He is talking up a storm. I love to hear him talk and say new things. This is such a fun age, but also challenging when he doesn't get his way!

 He loves his brother and playing hide-and-seek, cars, monster trucks, dancing, singing and watching Bubble Guppies.

He is napping well (2-3 hours) and sleeping 12 hours at night. He is still a pretty good eater and snacker. He likes school but has had a few teary drop-offs lately there and at church. This has improved in the last week though so I hope it continues.

 At the Peanuts Movie!

 He loves playing at My Gym!

 Will's 2 1/2 year well check went perfectly, but we did find out his ear tubes aren't in place anymore. After a visit with the ENT later that week - he had an infection in his left ear. We are currently on Augmentin for 10 days and would appreciate prayers for healing. If the infection isn't gone when we go back in a few weeks I am fearful they'll recommend a 2nd surgery for him.

UPDATE: Had our ENT appointment on 12/23 and he was totally healed and no more infection/2nd set of tubes. Praise the Lord, we hope it stays away!

2 1/2 year stats:
Weight: 33 lbs. (80%)
Height: 37 inches (74%)


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