Thursday, December 24, 2015

Louisville Christmas {2015}

We celebrated Christmas a week early in Louisville with Mimi & Greg, my brother Derek, Meredith and nieces. Chase spiked a fever when we arrived and slept a bit when his cousins arrived. We were worried sick about him but after alternating Tylenol & Motrin he perked up and was fever free from Sunday afternoon on. Will woke up at 1 am from his pack-n-play and wouldn't go back to sleep in it. He slept with me in the bed and I was terrified he'd never sleep without me again - but he's been fine since! :)
Other than THAT, it was a great time with family, yummy food and being together!

Here are some photos from our time together!
 Derek mastering the selfie stick
 That's a good selfie stick shot!

 There was a present mixup and poor Wes ended up with Will's 2T shirt. :)
 Mimi loved her handprint calendar from the boys! (More on this later!)
 Loved this special gift from my Mom!
 My cousin Shelby came to visit on Sunday!

 The cousins had a blast playing together!

Thanks Mimi and Greg for a great family Christmas together!


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