Monday, September 14, 2015

Will's first day of CDO {Child's Day Out!}

Will loved to come with me to Chase's Kindergarten class. He would howl and kick and scream some days when it was time to leave the school.
He is so social and loves people, hence - the reason I signed this little turkey up for a once a week Child's Day Out (CDO) this year.
I didn't do that with Chase, but little brother is ready!
Look out school, here comes Will!
He goes for 4 hours and has two teachers, Ms. Megan & Ms. Alice.
He talks about them and refers to them by name. At open house he didn't want to leave.
I knew that first day was going to go well. And when the teacher told him to give me a hug and he hugged HER instead, I knew he was going to rock!

 Big boy is so proud of his backpack and lunchbox!

 With his buddy William, who is in his class!


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