Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Will is TWO!

This little cutie is TWO!
Where did time go?
He is doing great and talking more and more each day. I am amazed at the things he says and words he strings together that I haven't heard before.
We had a low key birthday here at home. I took him to lunch and to play at My Gym.
We celebrated at home that night with cupcakes.
Super excited about his birthday gift. Hasn't stopped jumping since!

Birthday pancakes
He requested "diyah diyah" aka quesadilla for his birthday lunch.



all jumped out. Just kidding - that never happens. :)
He is the SILLIEST thing, can throw a fit like I've never seen - and then turn around and give you a sweet hug and kiss. He loves his brother fiercely and he keeps us on our toes and we love him to pieces.
Thank you God for Will Charles - he is our sweet rainbow and we are forever grateful!
2 year stats:
21 lbs. 6 ounces (24%)
29.75 inches (48%)
100% perfect


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