Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will {a 23 month update}

Well, we are planning a SECOND birthday party over here!
One month to go, it is so hard to believe he will be 2.
He is a fun little boy! He is a handful, so it's a good thing he's cute. Ha!

 Will is the king of expressions. He has so many funny faces!
I call this the "what choo 'talkin' 'bout Willis?!"
 He brings so much SILLINESS into our family, as if there wasn't enough already! :)
 Will loves to help out around the house with watering, sweeping, mopping, wiping the table, basically whatever he sees me doing!
He has had a few early wake ups recently (5:30) but is napping well and nursing at night time. He loves yogurts, nuggets, prunes, animal crackers and anything sweet. He is talking and singing up a storm!
Here are a few videos of Will singing and talking:
 Will loves to watch Mickey, Paw Patrol and recently Bob the Builder. He loves books and anything to do with trucks, cars, etc. He loves firetrucks, garbage trucks, and dump trunks best!
 His hair is still awesome!

 He loves to be outside and SCREAMS bloody murder when it's time to come in. Yikes!
He is one cool cat and we love him so very much!


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