Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Will {a 20 month update}

That seems a little too close to 2 if you ask me.
Where did my baby go?
Will is great!
He loves to sit in his booster seat now to eat, which is both wonderful and sad.
He loves playdoh "pay-doh", pizza "pisa", and coloring "cuh-la". Loves to say "book" and runs over to pick out one of our family albums or one of their baby books. Loves to sit and look at the photos.
Is saying his version of please (a high pitched "peeeeeas") and thank you ("tee hoo") and it melts my heart every time.
He is the SILLIEST thing and loves to make funny faces. He likes to make animals noises and knows body parts. He is a good eater and eats most of the things we are eating. He really likes chicken, yogurt, cheese, crackers and honey bunny grahams. He has 16 teeth and has had them for a few months now. A few of the last ones (eye teeth) all came in together, so we really just have the 2 year molars to go through. He will periodically take milk in his sippy cup (a few drinks, rarely the whole thing!) and still prefers nursing.
Love that "I just woke up" sleepy head look!
 Loves to color and prefers markers (!)

 Doesn't mind his ear plugs in bath, which is so nice!
 always up to something!
Skipped his nap this day, so this was his 7 minute nap on the way to pick up Chase.
His naps are either 1.5-2 hours long or he skips it completely.
Basically his naps are like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get. LOL

Love this baby with all that I am!


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