Monday, October 13, 2014

Will {17 month update}

Will is doing great, despite the fact that we have been fighting a double ear infection for almost two month. I feel so bad for him! He is generally ok in the mood department and is still sleeping 12-13 hours at night - but his naps haven't been great lately. He is still nursing and eating ok and doesn't have a fever which is sometimes associated with ear infections. After several rounds of antibiotics and even antibiotic shots, we are seeing the ENT this week.

Will is loving books more and more and likes to come sit in your lap. He has a few favorites which are Pooh's Honey Trouble, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See, a book about Trains, Pat the Pet and a book about baseball. He has favorites pages he wants you to turn to right away!

 He is saying some new words every day and tries to imitate everything. He now says his versions of trash, downstairs, sticky, sticker, door, shoes, and apple. He recently started panting and sticking out his tongue for dog and can tell you what a cow and sheep say. He also really likes elephants and will put his finger to his lips to try to imitate what they say. He loves to take trash to the trash can and shut the door.
He is becoming a bit of a picky eater, not wanting his usual cottage cheese anymore and preferring fruit and yogurt over most things. His favorite thing lately was mini meatloaves I recently made. He ate more of those than I care to admit.

He is silly, strong-willed, stubborn, and has the best laugh. He loves his brother fiercely and comes running when he hears his Daddy enter the room "Da Da! Da Da!" he says. He is a little sweetie!
It's super fun watching him become a little toddler. Even though I prefer to still call him my baby.


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