Monday, October 27, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

We surprised Chase after school last week and told him we were taking him to Great Wolf Lodge for a few nights for fall break.
 It was our first visit there, and we had such a great time!
Upon arrival, all the kiddos get cute little wolf ears!

The boys loved the little bedtime show and story each night.
Will's favorite was the talking moose.

 Character meet and greet. This is Violet :)

My college friend/sorority sister Jenni, who lives close by, stopped by for a drink one of the nights we were there.
It was so nice to catch up!
Grandma joined us for our 2nd night at the lodge and surprised the boys!

Someone had fun!
This guy just tried to keep up, and he did a good job of it!


 first juice box, Magi fun, brothers
Both boys fell asleep at the SAME TIME on the drive home, for the 2nd time ever.
For parents who have kids who don't sleep easily in cars, that is like winning the lottery!
It was an awesome family getaway!


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