Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday Chase!

Our big boy is five and a half!
Kindergarten is going great, he is making friends and enjoying it.
We do homework (reading and math) and we love going outside to play the most! (Isn't that always the case?) He loves his teacher and classmates. There are 11 boys and 11 girls in his class.

Chase is really into drawing lately and loves to draw pictures of houses, beach scenes, and of course Star Wars characters battling with light sabers. He recently asked me to get more "white paper" to draw on. I got a 40 count notebook and he blew through it in 3 days. I was glad I also purchased a ream of copy paper for him. LOL
A recent masterpiece, "the beach with an airplane"
He excels in his role as big brother, and is so kind to Will.

 Doing homework for the first time!

He loves to play with cars, bat cave, blocks, star wars guys and he likes Wild Kratts on TV.
He could live off of PB & J and fruit! Luckily he is willing to try nearly everything I cook.

We love you so much Chase, just don't grow up too fast, ok?!


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