Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gulf Shores 2014

Our Gulf Shores trip this year was great! My brother, sister-in-law and two nieces joined us for a few days and the cousins had SO much fun together. Mimi and Greg came too!
We lucked out with great weather and no rain all week. It was nonstop fun and we definitely need a vacation from our vacation. Vacationing with little ones is challenging at times, but as I look back on these photos and memories - it was so worth it!
The boys were champs in the car. Chase was great and Will, well - poor little Will doesn't like to be contained. :) We broke up the trip and he slept a total of about 3 hours the entire way there AND back. Yep, he was up a lot. We rented a minivan and I sat near him so I could feed him snacks and entertain him. Boy were we ready to have a glass of wine see the ocean when we arrived! 

Will's first time seeing the ocean (he wasn't impressed last year at 3 months old)

Will is doing his best cheese face

Dancing and dinner (and a hula hoop contest where I beat Mom!) at Lulu's

 Family photos on the beach

Two days after we arrived Chase took a scary spill off of the back of a foot rest while sitting and having a snack on the balcony. He forgot about it not having a back on it and fell right back onto his head on the tile. He had a huge goose egg and it looked pretty painful. Luckily he wasn't showing any signs of a concussion. The next day it was sore but slowly got better each day.
Will loved the sand and the ocean. He would have walked right into the ocean if given the option!

 The boys loved playing in the pool!
At the Wharf for a ride on the Ferris Wheel (oh, the things we do for our children!) and the light show.

The Pirate Cruise was a fun trip out for Chase!

 We saw several dolphins right off the boat.

 Squirt gun fight!
Swabbing the decks!
Pirate Chase!
 Pictures after dinner at Cobalts

 Beach Bums

 Chase made a friend named Henry and they got to play together on the beach and in the pool. His family goes every year so we are hoping to see them again sometime. I have such good memories of meeting other kids while on vacation so it was so fun to see them play!
Always thinking of my baby.


Go Carts and arcade games at Adventure Island!

An after dinner stroll
Chase was very adventurous with food during our trip, trying shrimp, crawfish, lots of fish and fried oysters!

What a great week filling up our memory banks!
We miss the beach already! :)


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