Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Will is ONE!

Our sweet little rainbow baby is one year old today.
I know it is so cliche to say, but it flew by and I'm in shock that he's been here for 365 wonderful days.
first photo
getting to hold you for the first time
ugly cry tears of happiness to finally have you here

 kisses before heading home

big brother loved you from the start.
Dear Sweet Will,
You are such a blessing to our family. I still can't believe you came along - such a miracle for us during such a hard time. We thank God every day that He chose us to be your parents. You have filled our empty aching arms with such love, joy and happiness.
We sure have loved watching you grow up this past year. You are such a fun little guy, so adventurous, strong willed and determined. Sweet as can be and silly too! You love music and dancing, pointing and "sharing" your food. You make us laugh how you want nothing to do with your baby toys, instead opting to play with Chase's Star Wars figures or his crayons and paper. You are taking lots of steps but still prefer crawling because you can get there more quickly.
Hearing your sweet squeals and laughter make my heart skip a beat. When I go in to get you in the morning or after a nap you get up on your tippy toes and squeal with excitement.
You are pure sunshine sweet one.
We love you so very much sweet boy. Happy Birthday!


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