Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Christian's RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) 2014


We were so touched that over 160 people joined our FB event for Christian's Random Acts of Kindness. There were over 50 people we didn't even know! :)
We were so incredibly blessed by each and every act done in our son's name and we can't thank you enough for being a part of it!!!!

I wanted to share all of the awesome things that were done in his memory!

*Kroger gift cards were handed out to customers as they were walking into the store
  *Dinner was brought to a newly widowed man
*Jam bread was brought to a nursery staff
*Gifts were left in fellow teachers' mailboxes
 *A Starbucks gift card was given to a lady waiting in line for her coffee
 *Starbucks gift cards were given to a Kroger employee and a stranger at the Children's museum
 *Cappuccinos were purchased for co-workers
 *Treats were given to teachers, nurses and neighbors
*Admission into a youth soccer game was paid for 5 people
*Neighborhood kiddos received small summer surprises
*lunch was purchased for the next person in the drive thru
*A common area was cleaned up
 *A neighbor boy received a new bike
 *A woman's tab was picked up during a lunch at a local diner
*A foot massage and pedicure were given to a newly widowed man
 *A dinner was made for a family whose son was just diagnosed with leukemia
*A favorite local park was cleaned up
*Coffee was purchased for several people in the drivethru

 *A new book was purchased for two neighbor kiddos
 *Homemade cards and photos were sent to grandmas, great grandmas and aunt and uncles.

 *Dog treats were brought to all the doggies in the neighborhood
 *Flowers were brought to neighbors
*A card and flowers were brought to a neighbor

*Generous tips were given to several waiters and waitresses

 *Teachers led a cheer for students who were beginning testing

 *Treats were brought to the local firestation

 *A starbucks gift card was given to our pediatrician

 *Cookies were brought to school to all the teachers

 *Treats were given to several postal carriers and coworkers

 *Cookies were made for neighbors

 *Neglected Headstones were cleaned up at a local cemetary

 *Treats were brought to a hairstylist
 *A beautiful tulip plant was given to a childcare provider
*Dinner was made for someone recovering from surgery
*Goodies were given to neighbor kiddos

 *Gift cards were sent
*Treats were given to coworkers
 We are truly amazed and thankful for all these acts done in Christian's name!
Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Even though his presence is so missed here on Earth, he was able to bring smiles and sunshine to so many people.
I love that!


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