Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Empty Tomb Garden

We are getting so excited for Easter around here!

Chase and I made our first empty tomb garden this year.
I've seen these floating around Pinterest for a while and was excited to create our own!
You'll need:
-large basin (You can use a terra cotta basin, but I bought two cheapo plastic ones and put them together for additional support)
-small terra cotta pot
-potting soil
-small rocks
-one large rock to cover the opening of the terra cotta pot
-grass seed or moss (I found the moss in the garage - score!)
-sticks hot glued together to form 3 crosses
 1. Place some of the dirt in the bottom of the basin.
2. Place the terra cotta pot on its side.
3. Place some of the potting soil on top and on the sides of the pot and pat it down. Begin to fill in the front with small pebbles and rocks.
4. Plant your grass seed and water it in, or place moss on top!
5. Glue your stick crosses together and place them into the soil on top!
Someone likes playing in the dirt!

Can you see where Chase wrote Jesus underneath? :)
 This is a great craft to do and discuss why we celebrate Easter.
Here's a link to the story of the resurrection I found helpful!
We are so thankful that Sunday came and He rose again! 


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