Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break

Chase was off from school this week.
We stayed busy and enjoyed our week together!
I'm constantly amazed how the days are both long and short all at once.
I know how much I am going to miss having Chase at home next year when Kindergarten begins.
Will loves to pretend to draw like Chase.
Except this time he actually wrote on the walls with crayon. Oops! :)

 the boys loved playing under the tent we made!
 A dollar store fun noodle cut with a kitchen knife provided lots of fun baths this week!
Chalk roads in the driveway

 This little guy got a 5th tooth this week!
 We spent one of the pretty days outside at Conner Prairie. It was windy but fun to check out the baby animals!
 army guys is always a favorite!
Big shot sitting in the cart of the first time!


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