Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Will {10 month update}

Not sure how this is happening, this child is almost 1!
I am in denial. OK, moving on...
jazz hands, "I'm 10 months!"

These photos are getting nearly impossible to take. He really makes me work for a shot!
I'm pretty much sweating when it's over.
Those legs, I can't get enough.
 You can kiiiinda see his new two top teeth here.
Happy boy!
Will is doing great! He's been sleeping a lot better, and I'm so happy he got there on his own!
He goes to bed around 7/7:30 and sleeps about 11-12 hours. If he does get up around 5 he will go back down for another hour or so.
He loves to eat! Some favorites are beans, bananas, bread and crackers (loves his carbs!) and blueberries. He also fusses when he sees someone eating and doesn't seem to be sharing with him.
He is trying so hard to say Chase. It's like a little "ase" and sometimes he'll make what sounds like a "ch" sound.

He is crawling everywhere, pulling up and standing on his own for longer periods of time. No steps yet! He loves to stand up and pounce stuffed animals, Chase's bean bag chair and "wrestle" with Daddy and Chase when they are playing.

He loves to point, give eskimo kisses, clap and give high fives.
He is such a very happy, busy boy!
We had a nice day of weather!  We spent a LOT of time out there that day.
Here Will is swinging for the first time, he loved it!
 Taking a bath with big brother.
 It didn't last long because he was a wild man, but they both thought it was the coolest thing!
I recently gave Will his first bottle. I wasn't sure if he'd take it from me, but it was before bed and he was TIRED. It went well and was such a sweet memory!

 he's hard to resist!
sweet & silly faces


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