Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Days {and days and days!}

So it snowed about 12 inches on Sunday, followed by temps around -15 and wind chills that made it dangerous to even go outside.
It's times like this I am even more thankful for a warm, cozy home.
Even so, we are on Day 4 of being stuck in the house.
This is how I think we all feel at this point.

We have tried our best to stay busy, and luckily I made a grocery run beforehand. I'm also thankful I had a few freezer meals ready as well.
We've had nerf gun target practice, stair practice, built a snowman, went sledding, arts and crafts until we were cross-eyed, learned about our pupils (seriously, we have run out of ideas people), and given long baths and played in the shower too. Not shown: jumping on couch cushions, throwing boiling hot water out the front door and watching it turn to steam, bubbles outside (they freeze!), cookie baking, snow cream making, coloring, Star Wars, and we watched The Princess and the Frog. And that was a bad idea because (spoiler alert!) the funny little dragonfly guy dies at the end. I usually read up online about movies before screening them and I didn't this time. I learned my lesson. Let's just say there were some tears I did not anticipate. Shame on you Disney. Shame!!
We have missed two days of school this week and hope to return on Friday. I think we are all ready to get back to normal routines around here! Hope wherever you are you are warm and toasty!


The Roberts said...

Ha! Love the first picture! That was totally us! We braved the roads and got out today! The girls needed to burn off some energy and I needed out!!!

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