Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

This year was our first Christmas spent at home!
We visited our homes the weekend before and after - more on that soon.
Chase is at the age where he is so into it, and the boys sure make it fun!
We went to our church's Christmas Eve service and came home to unwrap some gifts, read the Christmas Story and The Night Before Christmas, leave some of our reindeer food outside, and pick out some cookies for Santa.

On Christmas morning, Chase BUSTED through the red crepe paper Santa leaves on his door - it was too funny!
It was definitely a Star Wars Christmas this year.
Other favorites included some board games, Cars 2 bad guys and his Nerf guns.
 We had a big breakfast, Pioneer Woman style of course.
I got a new robe and was very excited (it's the little things). But it was almost like Wes and Chase were tired of seeing my old one?!?!
Will had a great 1st Christmas too! His favorite gift was a little football and some puffs! :)
 he makes these expressions that just kill me!
 We also made our annual birthday cake for Jesus.
This year we made a mint chocolate "grasshopper" poke cake.
I love this tradition so much, and it was extra special having Will join us for it.



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