Friday, December 20, 2013

Will {7 month update}

 Our little guy is 7 months old, time is FLYING!
Will is now eating solids at about every meal. Sometimes he seems into it, sometimes he could care less and prefers to play with his spoon and blow raspberries.
I've given him a sippy cup of water for practice here and there but for now he just likes to chew on it!
He is very drooly but no more teeth for now. 
Will is doing a bit better with naps as I type this - I know how quickly things can change. :)
He is taking a morning nap around 9 and another around 1:00 and sometimes takes a shorter one in the early evening. No more rock and play naps in the closet. He has been napping in his swing as a last resort when he won't go down in his crib - but overall doing a bit better at falling asleep on his own. What an art form it is to catch them in their "tired but not over tired" state!
He is sleeping about 11-12 hours at night and gets up to nurse a couple of times most nights. I am trying to lessen the amount he nurses at night so we can soon drop one or both feedings.
To be honest I know one day soon I will miss the middle of the night phase so I am savoring this special time!

He is overall a happy baby and loves PEOPLE! He is so social and will make sounds and "shout" to get people's attention. He loves to smile and coo and bat his eyes at people.
He enjoys his baths a lot and is learning to splash. He is crawling and pulling up all the time. He is very determined to get where he wants to go!
Everywhere we go he gets comments on his awesome hair. :)
He loves his brother so much and lights up when Chase enters the room.
It is such a blessing to watch their friendship grow.

Trying some puffs for the first time.
Some recent iphone pictures
Happy 7 months sweet boy!


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