Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Disney Trip {Telling the Boys}

We took a trip to Disney World a few weeks ago.
 I'm still sorting through the hundreds of photos from the week as well as putting together some of the tips and tricks we researched, but I wanted to share how we told the boys we were going.
Chase really had no idea what to expect or what WDW really was (and obviously Will had no clue!). He knew the characters lived there, but that was about it. We had a Disney movie night once a week for two months prior to the trip to give him some background knowledge for characters he'd see and rides as well.
making our countdown!
I also didn't want to tell him too far in advance (is it time yet? is it time?!), and knew he could handle it about a month out. So we told him 30 days before the trip by having a scavenger hunt at home one Sunday after church. I gave him clues and once he found each clue there was a letter with the next clue.
He found letters to spell D-I-S-N-E-Y. Since it was a fairly easy word for him to sound out, I wanted to make him work a little for the big reveal!
He had a blast going around and looking for the clues. I was so excited I didn't give him a lot of "think time" on a few - I was so excited! Once he had the letters together and sounded them out and realized we were going, he asked what any four year old would ask, "Are we going today?!?!?!"
When I told him 30 days he replied, "Oh. That is a LONG TIME to wait." :)
It was also nice because now the cat was out of the bag and Wes and I could TALK openly about it. We had been speaking in code for months!
Figuring it all out...

Too cute.
And more on our trip coming soon!


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