Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Around Our House

Lots of Christmas preparations going on around here!

We put up the tree and other decorations a few days before Thanksgiving. When we travel to see family it's always nice to have it up once we return. 

These two. Oh, my heart!

We wrote our letter to Santa too.
The requests this year include a new light saber, a blue iron man and the bad guys from Cars 2.

We made our annual Christmas cookies.
Chase did AWESOME this year with using the cookie cutters!
Snow Village is up. Every year I tell myself I'll take a photo to remind myself how I placed them the previous year. This year I did just that! Wes and I finally have our own stockings now too, thank you Mimi! Very exciting! :)
Chase loves to get all of the Christmas books out and read by the tree!
 We hung our Advent calendar in a different spot this year.
Chase loves being able to reach into the socks each morning! Will tries to get in on the fun too!
 Helping make some treats!
Chex Mix, Christmas Cookies, Reindeer Noses and Pretzel Turtles

Less than a week to go!


The Girl in the Lane said...

Lovely Christmas time memories. They are getting so big so fast.

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