Sunday, November 24, 2013

Will {6 month update}

Half a year with this little guy already?!
Yep, his hair is still awesome!

showing off his teeth
Will is doing great!
He has been trying some foods, and has enjoyed green beans, squash, apples, bananas and likes rice cereal a lot as well. He is only eating at dinner time and I'll start in with lunch in the next few weeks. He is really interested in food and does a great job with taking the food off the spoon.
Will started army crawling really well and gets where he is wanting to go - sometimes really quickly! His favorite thing to go for are brother's toys, balls and UNO cards!
He LOVES to sit up now and seems to enjoy seeing things from this new point of view.
Sleep is ok but VERY inconsistent. On a good night he will sleep from around 7:30 to 3, 4 sometimes 5 am, nurse - then go back down for a couple of hours. This past week, however, he has been waking two times. I am not sure if it's a growth spurt, or developmental because he is now both army crawling and sitting up. Dr. G wants me to lessen the amount of time I'm nursing him during his night waking to wean him from that feeding, we will see how that goes. :)
Chase was sleeping through the night at this point and so I'm trying not to compare them in this way as I know each child is different and it's totally normal for him to wake. As tired as I am some mornings, I know it is a season and it will pass ALL TOO QUICKLY and I'll want these days back again one day.
Will loves to "talk" to you and babble to get your attention. He loves to say "Da da" and still loves to give his big brother all of his big smiles!

 trying apples I made, they were that good!
sweet sleepy face

Will's 6 month check was great! He is hitting all of his important milestones and growing like a weed! This visit he focused on growing in height more than weight:
Weight: 18 lbs 3 oz (59%)
Height: 28 inches (90%)
OFC: 17.5 inches (67%)
We praise the Lord for a healthy child!
"Lady, what are you doing to me?!"


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