Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Will {first foods}

We recently started giving Will a few solids here and there. I waited until 6 months with Chase and thought I would with Will as well. Given how interested he has been in what we are eating, I decided to give it a try.
His first food was avocado, which I gave in mushed chunks. According to baby led weaning advocates, this teaches them to chew first, and swallow second. This being said, we did NOT have much success with it. :) He has now tried sweet potatoes, peas, rice cereal and carrots - in pureed forms. 
It has not taken him long to catch on and I'm amazed at how much he is enjoying it all!
 In his high chair for the first time - looking so big!

 Avocado, not a fan for now.
  He always looks over at Wes when he is trying something new, as if to say, "Help, Dad!" :)


Laura said...

Oh Erin he's so cute! It took Noelle a month or so of purees before she took off on BLW, so you might give him some time. But then again, Ethan still doesn't really eat table food :)

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