Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Will {4 month update}

Our sweet boy is 4 months old.
He loves to coo, drool, eat his hands, roll over from back to tummy, grab his feet, giggle and smile!

 Around 3 1/2 months he started sleeping long stretches at night (8-10 hours), and recently we've gone back to waking 2 and sometimes 3 times. I cut out his pm reflux medicine about 2 weeks ago and so I'm going to start it up again to see if he sleeps better at night. The two have corresponded so it could be related to that - or the fact that he LOVES to flip on his tummy - so it could also be a developmental/milestone related thing.
The last few nights he has wanted to sleep on his tummy. I didn't sleep well at all the first night he did this, but he is sleeping better this way, as did Chase at this age.
In any case, he is a HOOT and you cannot keep him on his back! He's so proud of this new trick!

His 4 month well check was great. His stats were:
Height - 25.75 inches (76%)
Weight - 16 lbs. 6 ounces (76%)
OFC - 16.75 in. (56%)

Everything checked out great, we are so blessed and grateful for a great well check.
So, so grateful!
 Showing off his new tricks
I rolled over!
Trying to take naps in my crib more these days, I don't like it as much as the rock and play!
Oh hello there!
Hanging out with my brother 
Chatting with Daddy

photo by Chase!


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