Monday, September 23, 2013

Naming the Boys...

I've never done a post where we explained names!
Chase Mark Buente
Chase was a name we just liked so much. We wanted something different but not too different.
Mark is after my late father, who I lost to cancer when I was 15.
It's funny how fitting a name seems once the child is here, we think Chase suits him so well!
Christian Henry Buente
Christian was on our list of names when we were deciding on Chase.
We LOVED all kinds of C names!
Christian Henry is Wes's great grandfather's name, and Wes's Dad is named Chris Henry.
Will Charles Buente
We liked Will from the start.
We had a few others we liked but we kept coming back to Will.
God's "Will"

Our journey in losing Christian and getting pregnant on our own made the name Will seem very fitting.
Wes had a great grandfather named William, and had a grandfather named Wilbert who had a twin brother named it is a family name as well!
Wes's middle name is also Charles, so they have the same "WCB" initials.

How did you decide on the names you chose for your kiddos?


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