Friday, June 21, 2013

Will {one month}

A month goes by so quickly. With late night feedings and taking care of both boys during the day - I guess I'm really not surprised it has been 4 weeks with this little guy already!
We are so in love!
It has been challenging. Going from 9 hours of sleep a night to 5-6 (broken) hours. But honestly, it is the best kind of tired to be.
This little face makes it all worth it.

When I think about how blessed we are to have him around, I am overcome with emotion.

Will at one month:
-Attempts several morning naps, often in our arms, the carseat tucked away in our closet, the swing or in the Ergo. The crib or bassinet? Not so much!
-You really have to catch him before he gets too tired or he will fight it!
-Gets extra fussy in the evening hour around 5:00.
-Wakes every 2-3 hours to eat during the evening hours.
-Has the hardest time going back to bed after his 5:00 am feeding.
-Nursing is going well, he is gaining. We are both finishing up some medication for thrush. I will spare you the details, but trust me when I say it has been no walk in the park! :)
We have been out and about! Will has traveled with us to t-ball, Joann's, My Gym, Kroger, the splash park, strawberry picking, the pool and library story time. I pretty much nurse him whenever and wherever so that I can go about my days with Chase!
His one month doctor's appointment went well. We had a lot of questions about his lack of sleeping and his possible reflux and general fussiness. And of course in my tired state I shed a few tears. It was nice to hear that most babies DO have a hard time sleeping for long stretches and he should still be nursing every 1.5-3 hours.
We left with a low dose antacid and also a recommendation to start him on a probiotic. We've started the reflux meds but I'm waiting a few days to see the results before starting something else new.
That way I know what worked and what didn't.
1 Month Stats:
Weight: 10 lbs. 6 ounces (54%) (can we all just pause and praise the Lord for that?!)
Height: 22 3/4 inches (76%)
OFC: 15.5 inches (65%)
Some photos of little mister!


 Happy One Month sweet boy!


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