Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adjusting...{weeks 2-3ish}

It's been a while.
It is safe to say we aren't getting much sleep around here! I had scheduled out a lot of my prior posts, and I'm glad that I did because whew - it's hard catching things up on here at the moment!

We have had some rough nights this past week or so and ended up taking Will to the doctor during walk in hours last Saturday because he just wasn't sleeping like a normal newborn should - during the day or at night. He nurses nearly every 2 hours, sometimes 3 at night. He is, in general, a more fussy, gassy, and perhaps just a more high-needs baby than Chase was. Wes and I found ourselves unable to comfort him on several occasions and kept asking "Are they just that different? Or have we just forgotten how it is to have a newborn?"
We suspected a bit of colic, but he doesn't scream non-stop for hours on end - just when he's tired really - and then it's hard to get him to give in to the need for sleep. We also think he could have a bit of reflux. He makes some gagging/gurgling sounds when we put him down after night feedings. We are trying to keep him elevated a bit after nursing and we have also elevated one side of the bassinet to help ease some discomfort. We have his one month appointment next week and we will go over all of his symptoms and go from there.
I have cut out dairy from my diet. It's been a week and a half. No cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurts. I am not doing a 100% dairy free, as in breads, lunch meats, etc. So far no real connection has been made with the gassiness/fussiness. The doctor thought it was unlikely that it was from my breast milk as his stools are normal and he's gaining weight. (YAY!)
So for now, we do our best to get him to nap during the day and evening fussy times and we pray he isn't developing reflux.
The days are long - but I know these months will be short! :)
 sweet cheeks

 little artist

Keeping it real: sans makeup, dark circles and all!
I wear Will a lot. A lot a lot a lot!
Love the Ergo, it has been the most used item besides diapers.
He falls asleep very quickly in it, and for that we are thankful.
this guy. always willing to help out in the kitchen!


Beatrice said...

I have had two very fussy babies...I know how hard it can be. My second (Lionel) was super fussy in the beginning and he had acid reflux. For the first two or three months he slept in his car seat because it helped with the reflux. I also tried to cut out dairy but I didn't really notice a difference. His fussiness improved a little bit once he started taking some meds for his acid reflux. Savannah had colic during her first 3 months and would scream every night from 6pm to 10pm. Gripe water and white noise worked best for her. Hang in there! They grow fast but I know how hard it is when your baby cries a lot. Will is so precious!

Still Playing School said...

D had silent reflux for 3 months (no spitting up, just fussiness, arching back, etc.) It helped a LOT when I cut out dairy (like you did, I skipped "hidden dairy"). Keep in mind that it would take 3 weeks for the dairy to be completely out of your system which is when you would expect to see improvement. D never had diaper signs (until later) related to the dairy and OBVIOUSLY he has no trouble gaining weight. :) Hang in there, Momma!

Still Playing School said...

Also, BIG LOVE for the Robot shirt and the baby wearing!

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