Monday, April 22, 2013

Weeks 33-36 {Baby #3}

Here we are at 9 months along!
This pregnancy is going well but I'm starting to feel very ready. Emotionally I just want to hold him and know he is ok. I have little moments of panic when I let my mind go to a worrisome place, but I just try my best to find the happy in all of this, and enjoy these last weeks before we meet him! I know God doesn't want me to worry, so I am trying daily to give it to Him.
The 34 week mark was also emotional as that was how far along I was when we had Christian. Getting to that point and past it came with many emotions. It is a weird feeling to be grieving and also anticipating this new one's birth.
Physically I am feeling tired in the evenings. I have stopped my workouts due to stronger Braxton Hicks that started around 34 weeks when I push it too much. I am now going to the Dr. for checkups every week, which is nice to check in and get some reassurance and hear the heartbeat. We have the nursery just about ready aside from hanging a few things. Chase LOVES being in there and we have spent so much time in there recently playing with toys and re-reading all of his old board books!
Baby is still very active, but since he is bigger now they are less "kicky" and "punchy!" I'm feeling hands and feet, sliding and rolling a lot - and lots of on-the-bladder-dancing!
Here are some recent photos:


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